Is the word “recommend” the word I’m looking for?

I am trying to figure out if the word recommend is the word I am actually looking for.


I am trying to decide whether determine if an algorithm I am writing is a Recommender System or something else. In my case my algorithm learns from the history of the user and picks (this is important as the user does not pick, the algorithm forcefully picks) a certain strategy after that history. This is why I’m thinking the term recommend is wrong as the user does not have a chance to choose.

The algorithm spits out a list of things and it’s probability of it being in the users favor.

option A 0.32
option B 0.1121
option C 0.054

So I guess it does recommend the list in this order, but then I choose the top option A always as.

So I think of my system in two ways.

  • It IS a Recommender System, just that I choose the option with the largest probability.

  • Well, it is NOT, it is something else.


Meanings of the word from top results on Google:

put forward (someone or something) with approval as being suitable for
a particular purpose or role.

to say that (someone or something) is good and deserves to be chosen

to present as worthy of confidence, acceptance, use, etc.; commend;
mention favorably:

Also the issue I have with the word is that the meaning of recommend to me is normally used when an object is being recommended is not very known to the party in which the recommendation is being directed at.

I am trying to find a word in which the party already knows of it.

Other words

If there are any other words which can be suitable by all means please tell me. In the Computer Science arena the following terms pop up when in the context of learning from the user and doing something with that data:

Adaptive personalization


I would naively call it a ‘Recommendation Heuristic” because it is using a ruleset to make an educated guess with existing data (data which is growing over time) the aim being to make a satisfactory solution (optimal being out of reach because of incomplete data) – It is a heuristic that generates recommendations!

Source : Link , Question Author : Karl Morrison , Answer Author : Sam

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