Is there a clear difference between generic and general?

I saw this question What's the difference between "general" and "generic"? but it did not make it clear for me.

I named a music folder like “General music”. It includes music of different artist and genres. Would it be better to name it “Generic music” or in this context they are completely interchangeable?


“Generic” describes as being non-specific. When defining genre, a generic song wouldn’t qualify as pop, rock, rap, country, or what have you because a generic song doesn’t fit a specific genre. Depending on what you’re trying to qualify, generic might be describing something different, such as mood or activity, instead of genre. When describing music, it would have a negative connotation, implying the music doesn’t have any particular qualities that stand out.

“General” means it applies in most cases. If there’s a song you like to listen to regardless of mood or activity, then calling it a “general song” would be appropriate.

Source : Link , Question Author : George Zorikov , Answer Author : JRodge01

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