Is there a relative pronoun omitted?

Both Mr. and Mrs. Bacon were looking at Adam now, and he knew he had
to make some explanation for letting his good land run free. He said,
“I guess I’m a lazy man. And my father didn’t help me when he left me
enough to get along on without working.” He dropped his eyes but he
could feel the relief on the part of the Bacons. It was not laziness
if he was a rich man. Only the poor were lazy. Just as only the poor
were ignorant. A rich man who didn’t know anything was spoiled or
“Who takes care of the boys?” Mrs. Bacon
Adam laughed. “What taking care of they get, and it
isn’t much, is Lee’s work.”
Adam became a little
irritated with the questioning. “I only have one man, he said
“You mean the Chinese we saw?” Mrs. Bacon was
(John Steinbeck, East of Eden)

Is there any relative pronoun before ‘they get’, omitted?


No relativizer is required; since a relativizer would replace the object of the verb get it may be omitted (or “replaced with a null relativizer Ø”):

The money which I earn ⇨ The money Ø I earn
The taking care of which they get > the taking care of Ø they get.

Source : Link , Question Author : Listenever , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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