Is there a single word for the faith a user of magic has in the efficacy of a magical object or act?

I’m writing about art’s function of rescuing, redeeming or validating the artist’s experience and suffering. Some of my sources have compared this to the functions of magical talismans and power objects, and I’d like to use magical language now and then throughout my paper as a nod to this similarity.

The problem is that I have no idea of magical jargon. When I refer to the artist’s confidence that their act of creation can and will perform this redemptive role, I want to spiritualize that word choice a bit–I guess “faith” is better than “confidence,” but that’s definitely more religious than magical. So I was wondering–is there a particular word, used in some form of magical practice, that expresses one’s degree of confidence in a magical object or action?

If there was a “Magick” stackexchange, I’d have posted this there. Sorry to ask a rather bizarre question.


Faith is commonly used in your context in the wild. Some examples:

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