Is there a single word or phrase to describe a context-less option for “manual” or “automatic”?

Is there a word (or a short sentence) that can describe category which includes Automatic or Manual as mutually exclusive options? Of course I mean without more context (if used, for example, to indicate manual transmission or automatic transmission in a vehicle we may use transmission type).

Usage examples:

  • Reply can be either automatic or manual if our ES doesn’t have an existing solution to your problem.
  • Data will processed either automatically or manually according to this flag.

How to describe this flag? Is there a single word/short sentence for this that can be used out of context to generally describe an option that can have one of these N values?

Edit: A little bit more context about usage: I’m looking for a name to use for an enum type, it’s reused in many places so I would use a generic word without too much context. I know it may be a bool value like IsAutomatic but in near future few more values will be added (for example, Automatic, Semiautomatic, and Manual).


I would go with control.

It gives the right sense of determining who is in charge of decision making: either a human (manual), or a machine (automatic).

Source : Link , Question Author : Adriano Repetti , Answer Author : chiastic-security

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