Is there a single word that expresses “music end-users / enthusiasts”?

To help a soon-to-be sister site out here, I was thinking English.SE perhaps could lend a helping hand as this is the best place for “word choice and usage”.

I’m not looking for “naming”, but rather want to see what shorter words exist for expressing “music end-users/enthusiasts“, these could be “journalists, reviewers, music fans and listeners“.

I’ve tried, but can’t come up with something… Audiophiles. From Urban Dictionary I have selvyn which is another word for a Music enthusiast of the Modern age; but yeah, it’s UD and I don’t think selvyn is really English to begin with…

So… do you know of a single word to express “music end-users/enthusiasts“?


I don’t think there is a widely understood one-word term for music listeners as opposed to artists. Most single-word options, if they exist, would probably sound strange to people.

Your best bet is probably two words that don’t blend together spelling-wise too easily. I’d suggest

Source : Link , Question Author : Tamara Wijsman , Answer Author : Daniel

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