Is there a special name for that kind of product category?

I’m making a webshop and I can’t find a good name for a special category.

Is there any name for a category that holds products which will be no longer sold after the stock has been run out? In hungarian there is a name “Kifutó” for it, which means that these products are the last ones. But these are not “last” pieces, there could be a lot of them (maybe more than 1000), the name should means that we stop selling these goods after all of them has been bought. Or should I just call it “LAST PRODUCTS”? But I wouldn’t like to suggest that there are only a few pieces left.



In certain business sectors products have a “life-cycle”. For example electronic components you might have a product that goes from first New, then transition to a Last-time-buy, then End-of-life, and finally Discontinued. The reason being that those components may need to still be supported because they are a part for other products that are still being made. Using this example, even if your products don’t undergo any sort of life-cycle, you could use the term “Last Time Buy” to indicate that once the stock is sold you won’t have any more.

Source : Link , Question Author : Fenistil , Answer Author : Drai

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