Is there a term for ordering items by color by wave length?

I tried looking for the word “chromologically”, but didn’t find any evidence to its existence.

Further answers about sorting not by wave length, but by other factors, such as saturation, or brightness, are also welcome.


Since there any many ways to order color, there’s no specific name for “sorting by color”.

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Sometimes, you will say things are in “rainbow order”, which is the sorted band of sunlight colors, by wavelength, as passing through a prism. This is only a subset of possible colors.

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You can’t sort colors. Because the human eye has three distinct color
sensors (red, green, and blue), color is fundamentally a
three-dimensional quantity, and there is no linear ordering that
brings together “similar” colors. If you sort first by the amount of
red, for example, then you may bring together wildly different hues
and brightnesses. If you sort by hue, then you bring together wildly
different degrees of saturation and brightness, and so on. There’s
just no way to do it.

Source : Link , Question Author : John , Answer Author : Justin

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