Is there a word describing someone who is ignorant in the ways of Science?

I am not sure if dogmatic or doctrinaire covers it, but I am looking for a word to describe someone (like a politician) who is willfully unknowing of how the scientific method works and what science can and cannot accomplish.

I am looking for a descriptive word, and not a derogatory term like “ignoramus”. And somehow it has to convey the idea that their ignorance applies to scientific domain only.


Since you are “looking for a world” where this happens, I would suggest Earth.

If you are looking for a word, I can’t help you but I can offer:

  • scientifically illiterate
  • unscientific
  • non-analytic
  • non-evidence based

Of a more anti-technology (rather than anti-science) turn, we have:
– Luddite
– technophobe

Source : Link , Question Author : John Alexiou , Answer Author : Dale M

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