Is there a word for somebody who’s fond of hard alcohol as opposed to beer or wine?

I’m currently writing a birthday invitation in which I want to state that I’ll also provide hard alcohol for those who prefer it over beer. Is there a word to describe people with this preference?

As it will be in an invitation, I’d prefer a word that comes across as witty and sophisticated without a pejorative tone.


Serious drinkers

Serious drinkers are people who like to drink, and it implies that they like a high alcohol content. As ‘serious’ is a word that can apply to things like ‘work’ you can say things like ‘the serious drinkers among you will be able to apply yourselves to the tequila shots we’ll have lined up on the bar’. Which is humourous as it implies they make drinking alcohol into ‘work’.


I made this up by imagining that your friends might line up to drink ‘highballs’ – a kind of cocktail. And then found a song by ‘the highballers’ called ‘I didn’t mean to get drunk last night but I did’ which you can hear at the link below. Highballs are quite a classy cocktail. So you can say something like ‘the highballers among you may enjoy throwing down a few cocktails, whereas for the rest of you, there are shots’.

Drinking Afficionados

An afficionado is someone who has done something so much – that they’ve become an expert.

Wine or grape (or grain) afficionados. Smirnoff Afficionados (you could use a drink brand-name in your title – in this example it would mean someone who’s an ‘expert’ in Smirnoff vodka). ‘Grain’ is a generic term for kinds of alcohol made from ‘grain’, like whiskey.

‘The grain afficionados among you can enjoy testing the Jack Daniels and other hard tipples’.

(Saying that they will ‘test it’ is humourous, as again it implies they are ‘experts’ in alcohol.)

Drinking Experts, Alcohol Experts

This implies ‘people who are so experienced in drinking that they can advise others’ which is quite funny. ‘The drinking experts among you will enjoy burrowing deeper into the cocktail bar…’

Along the same lines is:

Vodka Doctors, Gin nurses

This poetic idea implies that alcohol is being applied as a medicine (not so far from the truth, heh!)

‘The vodka doctors among you will enjoy nursing your wounds with some harder alcohol’.

A ‘doctor’ can also be someone who mixes drinks – we say ‘to doctor a drink’ meaning to add extra alcohol, or poison, don’t we.

Cocktail Spinner

A ‘spin doctor’ is another idea that could relate, as could a DJ who ‘spins’ – stories, and drinks or cocktails, in this case. The ‘master of ceremonies’ can be a ‘spin doctor’. Dr. Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde are literary references that might relate – where a ‘sudden and terrifying transformation occurs that makes things go out of control’ (as does sometimes happen – when people get drunk).

‘The Dr. Jekyll within you will come out when he sees the hard alcohol – while you’ll be Hyding from work the next morning’.

Other Ideas

Vodka Guzzler

(or any other kind of specific drink or cocktail with ‘guzzler’)

You could be inspired by… a cocktail book. They have such great names.

Cocktail swizzlers ‘people who swizzle cocktails’

Jack Daniels swiggers ‘people who throw down whiskey’.

You could look at – specifically what drink sums up your audience – and make a name around that.

Hotshotters. Vodka totters. Gin swiggers. Etc.

All this reminds me of a line from a song I wrote, which goes ‘Biarritz – let’s drive! We’re gonna throw down tequila, five at a time’. Heady days.

But not, the morning after, obviously.

Good luck with your party!

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben , Answer Author : Jelila

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