Is There a Word for the Spot on the Floor at the end of a Sunbeam?

When the Sun or the Moon shines through a window, there’s a corresponding bright spot on the floor or wall. Conversely, when an object blocks light, it casts a shadow. What would the term be for this opposite?

EDIT: I’m searching for a word that describes the bright spot, not the shadow.

Maybe some context will help.

I have this large picture window in my living room that, on the night of a full Moon, produces this stunning effect after Moonrise. When describing it, I find myself saying:

“If you turn out the lights, the moonlight entering the window casts an eerily beautiful {{word}} on the opposite wall.”

Best I’ve come up with so far is sheen.


I did a great amount of digging for this, but I think we all might agree that there might not be a word to uniquely describe this phenomenon. I went through a large amount of solar and planetary terminology to make certain there wasn’t anything I was missing.

While “sheen” is probably acceptable, I would offer up the alternative of “glow”.

The moonlight through the window cast an eerie glow onto the wall.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bob Kaufman , Answer Author : Cord

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