Is there a word for when the situation returns to normal after chaos?

Imagine a situation where the Internet connection at your office of 1000 people goes down. You, as the IT person, are responsible for fixing it. You immediately turn on the red lights and alarms.

Two minutes later, the Internet is back and all is back to normal and it wasn’t your fault.

In Hebrew, you might say, “Hazlash!” You’d mean that the crisis is over and that your alarms can be ignored.

Is there a word in English comparable to “hazlash?”


“All clear”

This is the phrase one might employ in Britain, especially if one is of the older generation. It was the term for the siren used in World War II after an air raid (although it predates this) and has featured in many movies and TV dramas portraying that period. It became a noun phrase “the all clear”, as this BBC page documents.

See also the Wikipedia entry.

Source : Link , Question Author : aezell , Answer Author : David

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