Is there a word that means cheating but legitimate?

Is there a word that means cheating and legitimate at the same time?

For example: I play a quiz game and set the number of questions to one. So, I get 100% of my answers correct. That’s cheating, but it’s legit.

So how do I describe what I did in one word?


When a game has rules, breaking the rules is known as cheating. But some folks look at the wording (letter) of the rules and try to cheat without breaking the rules. So there is the concept of intent (spirit) of the rules. Folks who cheat, but do not break the rules, are breaking the spirit of the rules.

Some phrases used are : “rules lawyering”, “gaming the system”, “exploiting technicalities, loopholes, and ambiguous language” [[ Reference : ]]

Source : Link , Question Author : Saka , Answer Author : Prem

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