Is there a word where `w` can not be replaced?

The below list of word pairs are phonetically similar –

  • Watervaater
  • WorldVorld
  • WinVin
  • WornVorn

It seems like every W vord can be replaced by a corresponding V word.
Is there a word where it can’t be replaced by V?
If there is none, why isn’t it removed from the English registers?

People asked me if I speak Indian English. Yes, I do.

I don’t know why I’m unable to comment through phone.


This is a simple question. The simplest answer one can give here, without going into technical phonetic and linguistic terminology that may be difficult for some people to understand, is that V and W sound different. When you say the V sound, your upper teeth meet your lower lip (harsh sound). When you say the W sound, you use both lips and no teeth (soft sound). It’s similar to T and D.

So, in a lot of words, replacing the W with V would change the meaning of the word entirely e.g. vent and went, vest and west, vow and wow.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tarun Maganti , Answer Author : karish10

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