Is there an adjective meaning “pertaining to friction”?

A friend and I were discussing Apple earbuds. I said that the cables used to be coated with smooth plastic, but on the newer ones, the coating is closer to rubber, so the cables get tangled up easily.

I wanted to say, “I don’t like the new, frictive cables.” The only problem being that “frictive” isn’t a word.

I’ve searched the OED and, but haven’t come up with a good word meaning “pertaining to friction” or “having the property of offering friction when rubbed.” Does anyone have any ideas?


In the engineering company where I used to work, we’d probably have said grippier, or that the old ones were slippery.

Frictional means pertaining to friction, but in the sense of forces rather than material properties

You could also say you preferred the low-friction version to be high-friction.

Source : Link , Question Author : arensb , Answer Author : Chris H

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