Is there an adverb for “simplified”?

This is what I’m trying to express

[Foo] can be simplifiedly characterised as [bar].

However I am unable to find references for such as word as simplifiedly. What I want to say is that the following characterisation as [bar] is to be understood as being simplified for the sake of explaining [Foo] in the first place.

How would you phrase it? I would prefer if the structure of the sentence would remain unchanged. But if there is no such word maybe this can be restructured without being too verbose.

Edit: It’s not a question of rhythm or aesthetics, it’s a question of meaning. I’m not trying to say that the characterisation I’m making is simple to derive, I’m trying to say that I’m making a characterisation that is simplifying the matter of [Foo], which is in fact a bit more general/complicated than its representation as [bar] might suggest.

For me “simply” has the taste of what I’m not trying to say (according to the above paragraph). Regarding the suggested “more simply“, I have no gut feeling and will have to trust you as experts.


Gnawme suggests simply, which is good, but means “in a simple manner”, not “in a simplified (=made more simple than it was previously) manner”. For that, I’d suggest more simply.

[Foo] can be more simply characterised as [bar].

Edit, in response to the edit to the question:

  1. I’m no expert.
  2. Perhaps can as an oversimplification be characterised or can in an oversimplification be characterised.

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