Is there an adverb for “ungodly”?

All dictionaries listed ungodly only as an adjective. Ungodlily was listed on Word Hippo, but I’m not so sure if it’s reliable. So, is there an adverb for ungodly, and if so, what is it? Ungodlily sounds a bit awkward and clunky.

Here’s the sentence in question: They were [ungodlily] outnumbered. I don’t think ungodly would work here (at least as an adjective).


The OED has an entry for ungodlily. There are no examples more recent than 1860, but the ones provided are as follows:

583 J. Field Godly Exhortation sig. Cjv Being thus vngodlilie
assembled, to so vnholy a spectacle.

1645 E. Pagitt Heresiogr. 54 Ungodlily alledging the..Scripture.

1674 Govt. Tongue 114 ‘Tis but an ill essay of that reverence and
godly fear, to use that very gospel so irreverently and ungodlily as
men now do.

1860 E. B. Pusey Minor Prophets 413 Israel..slaying ungodlily Him
who was by nature His Begotten Son.

Source : Link , Question Author : A. Kvåle , Answer Author : WS2

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