Is there an expression or idiom to express that your brain has temporarily stopped working because you’ve been overwhelmed by something?

I am looking for an informal idiom or expression to imply that my brain has stopped working temporarily because say I have dealt with a heavy math question or I have gone through an overwhelming process or I have run across an astounding view etc.

When your phone crashes or acts up frequently and operates with delay, you can simply say:

  • My cellphone keeps freezing.

I was wondering weather we can say:

  • My brain has frozen.

Once I have heard:

I’ve got a brain freeze.

But I couldn’t find any web source to back it up. Please let me know about it any any more fitting and natural idiom or expression.


A ‘brain freeze’ can be what happens when you have temporarily forgotten something. A rather vulgar variation is ‘brain fart’. ‘I’m suffering a brain freeze’ is more formal, ‘I’m having’ one is less formal, and ‘I’ve got’ one even less formal. You could also say ‘my brain has frozen’ or ‘has seized up’.

Another meaning of ‘brain freeze’ is ‘severe but brief pain in the head induced by the consumption of very cold food or drink’. Generally the context will tell the reader or listener which meaning is intended.

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Source : Link , Question Author : A-friend , Answer Author : Michael Harvey

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