Is there any good usage example for “Did I tell you”?

As far as I can tell, rephrasing Wikipedia, Simple Past draws attention to actual occurrence of the past action or event, as opposed to its present consequences. (See Present perfect).

Doesn’t asking someone a question usually imply some consequences?


Here is an example. An man and wife are talking and the man says:
“Did I tell you about the time I ate ten hamburgers?”
The wife sighs and says “Yes honey, you’ve told me that story a hundred times!”
(This sounds better with “Have I told you […]?” instead of “Did I tell you […]?”)


A man says to his wife “Did I tell you to turn the oven off before we left?” “Did I tell you […]?” is requesting a response.

Source : Link , Question Author : x-yuri , Answer Author : Meeka

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