Is this expression ‘does it have most’ idiomatic?

Let’s say my friend is eating a vegetable salad, It looks good so I want to what are the vegetables in it, Can I ask

What(the vegetable) does this(the salad) have most?


What does this movie have better, the script or the direction?

Does this construct sound weird to native speakers?


Both of the example sentences are ungrammatical.

Instead, these two will work:

What vegetable has this salad got the most of?

What does this movie have: better script or better direction?

However, I think both would benefit from using “is” instead of “has” because the focus is on a single ingredient, not on the whole. I think that’s what’s causing you to need these complex expressions, which are hard even for natives to get right. Compare these two:

What is the main vegetable in this salad?

In this movie, which is better: the script or the direction?

Source : Link , Question Author : Thor , Answer Author : Greg Hullender

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