Is this grammatically correct – “I miss to swim”

I read this article and here it is mentioned that “I miss to swim” is grammatically incorrect. However, I do not see any issue with it.

Could some language expert please clarify.


I’m not very sure as to why it isn’t grammatically correct, but it doesn’t sound very natural to me. I would rather say "I miss swimming". You see, English has a bunch of unwritten rules especially when it comes down to gerunds. "I miss to swim" isn’t something we really say. why? like I said, there are things in the language that you’ll only learn by hearing every day. I could come up with a very detailed explanation, but you’d still run into exceptions such as "I love to swim vs I love swimming" for instance. I would recommend that you look up "List of verbs followed by gerunds in English" and try memorizing them.

Verbs followed by gerunds

Source : Link , Question Author : pjj , Answer Author : Kaique

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