It’s time the government shows it

The text of the tweet displays "It’s time the government shows it." The caption in the video is "It’s time the government show it", which appears to be ungrammatical. So I wonder whether "It’s time the government to show it" is also correct.

Edit: Some member has offered the information that "government" is always treated as singular in American English while British English treats it as either singular or plural. The information is useful, but it doesn’t answer my question. Because my question is whether "to show" works there rather than a question of using singular or plural form of "show".

President-elect Biden will work tirelessly to ensure that families come out of this with the support they need to get their lives back on track.

The American people have shown their grit. It’s time the government shows it.

Source: Joe Biden Twitter


It’s time the government shows it.

Is grammatically correct and quite acceptable. It could be rephrased as:

It’s time for the government to show it.

You correctly understand that

It’s time the government show it.

is an error in grammar.

Source : Link , Question Author : NewPlanet , Answer Author : David Siegel

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