latter / later years

What’s the difference between “later” and “latter” in the following? Are both correct and interchangeable?

She found happiness in her later/latter years.

His later/latter years were tranquil.

In his later/latter years he became blind.


Both are acceptable. Collins says:

You use latter to describe the later part of a period of time or event.

He is getting into the latter years of his career.

Whereas Longman has

in later years: when someone is older

Using a sunscreen when you are young helps you to have healthy skin in later years.

Perhaps small difference in nuance. And possibly some dialect variation. I think I prefer “latter” when used with a determiner

The latter years, his latter years.

But that is only a weak preference, not a rule.

Source : Link , Question Author : Apollyon , Answer Author : James K

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