Linking word for “in exchange”?

I’m looking for a linking word that can connect two sentences:

Omitting the predefined parameter relaxes the potential charging destinations at a step to be the entire sensors, thereby expanding the potential trajectory space. ______, it requires the charging algorithm to strike a balance between extending the network lifetime and the efficiency of the MC.

I mean, I am doing action A to gain an advantage B, "in exchange", I have to accept a disadvantage C (I don’t want to deal with it, but, it is acceptable since we gain advantage B).

What linking words I can use instead of "in exchange" in this situation? Actually, I don’t even know whether "in exchange" exists or not 🙁


As nobody has thought of a word that encompasses the “consequently” of @Leachoid with the sense of reciprocal loss, I suspect that one needs to find another way of linking the two sentences. I think one can do better than “In exchange”, especially if one reconsiders the rather clumsy (IMHO) “requires” construction. In colloquial speech one could write:

The trade-off for this is that the charging algorithm must strike a balance…

and more formally, something like

This comes at the cost of ensuring that the charging algorithm strikes a balance…


This comes at the cost of altering the charging algorithm so that it strikes a balance…

depending on the science.

But using the word cost ensures that the sense of reciprocal loss is understood.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ngoc Bui , Answer Author : David

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