“Location” vs. “locality” [closed]

I can’t seem to find a good explanation of what the differences are between the words location and locality. Are they interchangeable, or are there certain contexts in which one or the other must be used?


It’s all about knowing that location refers to a specific position on the map (the degree of certainty of the location can vary enormously depending on the context, from a specific coordinate in the map (What’s your location? 38° 41′ 7.8351″, longitude: -96° 30′ 14.0625″)) to an entire continent What’s your location? Europe) while locality will almost always refer to a specific town, village or area.

In general terms location is to position as locality is to village/town/area.

They are usually not interchangeable but since location is more general than locality, locality could be replaced by location in the right context.

Besides, since localities refer to predefined areas, they usually have names.

What is your (current) location?
My (current) location is latitude: 38° 41′ 7.8351″, longitude: -96° 30′ 14.0625″.

There is no need to be so specific, you could also say:

I’m near the river.

I’m almost there.



Regarding locality:

On what village/locality are you in?
I’m in Springfield.

If it was common for the operator to travel from village to village in a short period of time, village/locality would turn redundant and location could also be used.

What’s your location?

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