Looking for a complement that means “sucks it up” [duplicate]

I am writing a review, and am looking to convey a sense that, even though my report may not agree with, or have reservations about an aspect of their job, they suck it up, and carry out their job duties.

I see a few posts on this phrase, but they don’t provide alternatives (the ones I’ve looked at were asking more about meaning vs synonyms).

EDIT: I wasn’t clear enough that I’d like to emphasize the positive aspect of this, and just use words/phrases with positive connotations; that reflect that they’re accepting this unpleasant aspect without complaints.


As an alternative to “They suck it up“I would use another idiomatic expression : “They just put up with it“. The addition of “*just” to “put up with it” (which is referred to in the given links) gives a feeling of being obliged to tolerate things, of having no real choice in the matter.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gerrat , Answer Author : Anton

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