Looking for adjective – classic word for devoid of embellishment

I recall coming across a word in an article that just spoke to me and described my approach to creativity.

The context it was written in referred to a creative piece devoid of unnecessary embellishment, frills, etc. It might have had its roots in a reference to clothing (no excessive lace, ruffles, etc.).

Does anyone know the word? Two kids in two years, and my brain just cannot come up with it!
Of course, I should also mention I was a math major, so my word knowledge is lacking.


The words minimalist, minimalism or utilitarianist or utilitarianism, come to mind …

Minimal: 2. Minimalist (adjective): of, relating to, or following a style in art, literature, or music that is very simple and uses a small number of colors, parts, materials, etc.; Utilitarian: 2. utilitarian (adjective): made to be useful rather than to be decorative or comfortable. From Merriam-Webster online

Source : Link , Question Author : EA in SB , Answer Author : Community

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