“Looks daggers” vs. “look daggers”

“Looks daggers” or “look daggers”: which one is correct?

Ngram results here show almost equal results but when I searched for He looks daggers or He look daggers, I didn’t find any matches.

For example:

1) John look daggers at Mike.

2) John looks daggers at Mike.

I’m not sure whether the first example is grammatically correct or it should be written like the second example, and the Ngram doesn’t show any matches.


It is more common to use either the past or the present continuous tense, as testified by these online dictionaries:

Tom must have been mad at Ann from the way he was looking daggers at her.

I could see my partner looking daggers at me.

And here are the results at Ngram Viewer comparing “Looking daggers at”, “Looked daggers at” and “Looks daggers at” The third person present simple is tiny in comparison:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : T2E , Answer Author : Mari-Lou A

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