lying seven with a marshal up his ass

I am really clueless about this one:

By the time he got his saggy ass to the doctor, he was already lying
seven with a marshal up his ass

Can somebody help?

They were talking about golf in this film before. Not sure if related here, though. They are talking about a terminally ill person. But what does that phrase mean?

Thanks so much!


That is indeed a golf-based metaphor.

Generally speaking, on a golf course the longest hole you will find will be a par-5, meaning you are expected to get your ball from the tee into the cup in 5 strokes. “Lying X” is a golf term meaning “the number of strokes you took to get the ball to where it currently is.” So, if you are lying 7, you have already taken 7 strokes, which is at least 2 more than you wanted to be taking—especially since you’re not finished with the hole yet. So this is a golfing way of saying “doing very badly”.

“With a marshal up his ass” refers to a course marshal, whose job (in general terms) is to help keep players moving through the course smoothly. In particular, they are expected identify slow-playing groups and find ways to help them speed up. In some cases they may also identify and help control or eject players acting in a disruptive or dangerous fashion (e.g. protracted bouts of loud swearing or arguing, repeatedly endangering others by hitting their ball before the group ahead of them has cleared the target area). Regardless, having a marshal “up your ass” basically means that the marshal is actively trying to make you do something because they have identified you as the source of a problem, so it’s also a bad thing.

You can think of “lying 7” as ‘playing the game poorly’ and “with a marshal up his ass” as ‘managing the process of playing poorly’, so it’s a golf-ish way of saying that the person is in trouble on multiple levels.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alina R , Answer Author : Hellion

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