make root beer in the toilet

From the movie Jurassic World (2015).

Two boys wandered off into a restricted area for tourists to take a closer look at other dinosaur species that live in the park. While they’re out there, their aunt, who’s the president of the park, is ringing alarm bells at the control room to find them. Here’s the two boys’ short conversation:

— Great idea.
— No! We’re gonna get arrested. They’ll shave our heads, and we’re
gonna have to make root beer in the toilet.
— What are you talking about?

What’s that he saying about making root beer in the toilet? I don’t understand.


Prisoners in the United States are, not surprisingly, prohibited alcohol. Prisoners are an enterprising lot, and they have found a great many ways to get around that prohibition, most notably via pruno, a homemade wine made by mixing anything fermentable (sugar, fruit, bread, ketchup) in a plastic bag and waiting a few days. The resulting alcoholic beverage is often hidden in the toilet.

In the movie, the boy who is worried says that he’ll have to make root beer, a traditional (occasionally homemade) soda, in the toilet after he is arrested.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Rybkin , Answer Author : Jason Patterson

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