Making a new adjective

I have just finished reading a book. It was so boring that sometimes I fell asleep. I will never buy such “put-to-sleep” books like that anymore.

I would like to know if the adjective put-to-sleep makes sense, and if the sentence above is correct.


The word we would use in this context would be boring. The previous sentence has already informed the reader that the book was so bad it almost put them to sleep; that doesn’t need to be repeated (plus we don’t really have a common word that describes that.) I’d write your sentence like this:

I will never buy such a boring book again.

If you really wanted a word that explicitly calls out the fact that it put you to sleep several times, you could try this:

I will never buy such a sleep-inducing book again.

This would be understood, though I’d expect boring to be much more common.

Source : Link , Question Author : jeysmith , Answer Author : WendiKidd

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