meaning of a phrasal verb

The passage is from IT by Stephen King.

They ran down Center Street. People turned to look at them. Ben’s
large stomach pogoed up and down. Beverly’s pony-tail bounced. Richie
let go of Ben and held his glasses against his forehead with his left
thumb so he wouldn’t lose them. … They cut up Court Street and
collapsed on a bench in front of the police station: at that moment it
seemed the only place in Derry where they might possibly be safe.

I want to ask the meaning of the bold-faced cut up.
The several dictionaries I looked up didn’t give any meanings to fit this context.
It seems like they (Beverly, Richie, and Ben) sharply turned their direction of fleeing to Court Street.

Am I right?


See definition 6. Up is used rather than across because they ran up Court Street as a shortcut.

Source : Link , Question Author : morti , Answer Author : Kate Bunting

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