Meaning of a sentence which uses “would rather”

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I would like to know the meaning of the sentence which is underlined here in the image. The image reads as follows:

·············The text in the image begins here···········

Would rather means ‘prefer’ or ‘would prefer’.

• I’d rather walk than wait for a bus.

• Karen would rather we kept together. (I’m asking about this one.)

• Would you rather eat now or later?

It is followed by an infinitive without to (walk) or by a clause (we kept together).

················Ends here················

I suspect that this sentence (Karen would rather we kept together.) is rather wrong and doesn’t say anything – could be a printing error.

This text in the image can be found in the book “learners pocket grammar by John Eastwood, Oxford University press.”


Out of context, the meaning of the indicated sentence is admittedly vague because it is not clear whether Karen is included in “we.” But one possible meaning (and I would guess the intended meaning) is

Karen would prefer that she and I remain a couple rather than splitting up.

Source : Link , Question Author : Learner , Answer Author : Jeff Morrow

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