Meaning of ‘at fittest’ and ‘at finest’

But even Anderson [ at his fittest and finest ] would have struggled against the Serb in this mood, on that stage.


What is the meaning of at fittest and finest in this context?


Assuming you have already looking up “fit” and “fine” in the dictionary, and didn’t find any relevant definition.

“Fittest”, in a sports context, refers to “physical fitness”, which is the athlete’s physical ability to play the sport at their highest level.

The two boxers started out strong in the first round, but by the fifth Collins’ lack of fitness began to take its toll, and by the seventh he was simply too exhausted to continue the fight.

“Finest”, in this context, refers to the athlete’s quality of play, and more or less simply means “best”.

Collins was in his finest form that day, simply out-boxing his opponent, and was certainly ahead on the judges’ scorecards before the final round.

In your article the writer is saying that even if Anderson had been the most physically fit he’d been in his career, and played the best game of his career, he still would have had trouble beating “the Serb” (Novak Djokovic).

Source : Link , Question Author : Kshitij Singh , Answer Author : Andrew

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