Meaning of “Cracked” here?

On the other side of the room, Miles hit the button that automatically unlocked the front door. Then cracked the one leading into the building, the sound of heavy footfalls climbing the steps.

What i got is that means the sound of how he lead into the building?


crack the door OED definition and an example use:

  • 1964 Spectator 14 Feb. 205 Mr. Kennedy..made it his
    leave the door to his office cracked a little so that any personal
    assistant who felt the need to talk to him might walk right in.


trans and intrans. Of a door: to be slightly ajar; to leave slightly
ajar. Cf. crack n. 7d. Chiefly U.S.

Here is another figurative use:

The door cracked open for the Dodgers in the seventh inning Friday
when Sean Doolittle, not Stephen Strasburg, appeared on the mound at
Dodger Stadium. Los Angeles TimesOct 4, 2019

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