meaning of ‘do someone cold’

“One move, lights out. I’ll do you cold.”

It’s a dialogue between a criminal and a victim. (from TV series)

I do understand ‘one move, lights out’
It means ‘if you move, I will kill you’, right?
But what does ‘I’ll do you cold.’ mean?

I can’t find it on dictionary or Google.
Help me!

(I’m not an American. Please talk to me nicely. :-(()


I would interpret this in line with this definition of knock, which refers to “knock cold” as definition 2a(1) here, under the verb to knock out.

Entry 4b here…refers to “giving the appearance of being dead: unconscious”

And “do” has a sense of “to treat or make,” usually heard in the phrase “do me wrong,” meaning to treat me badly. Look at sense 11 here.

Source : Link , Question Author : DayDreaming , Answer Author : HemiPoweredDrone

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