meaning of “naive”

This is from a TIME article.

The precocious child’s isolation from his peers had been exacerbated
by a move to Toronto in 2000, the same year Putin was first elected.
His father characterizes Vitalik’s Canadian upbringing as “lucky and
naive.” Vitalik himself uses the words “lonely and disconnected.”

I wonder which of the following two definitions in the Webster’s dictionary is for the meaning of "naive" in the above context.

1: marked by unaffected simplicity : ARTLESS, INGENUOUS



I’d say it is closer to sense 2. "Lacking in worldly wisdom". The child, brought up in Canada, didn’t experience the world of the USSR, and didn’t learn hardships in the way that the father did.

The other senses are more easily applied to styles of art and artists. We might say that the artist Henri Rousseau is created naive art in sense one or three. In art, "naive" can be a complement. I would not describe a programmer as "naive" in this sense. It would imply that their code was badly structured and full of bad "anti-patterns".

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