meaning of the phrase “sound about right”?

I have heard it in this video. It is at 2 minute and 19 second. Here is the context:

[Gill] So, David, you have been here for a while now, haven’t you?

[David] Yes.

[Gill] I remember the place gradually being decorated and open.

[David] Yeah, well, we met I would imagine sometime around about May 2015 and we opened in July 2015.

[Gill] Right, That sounds about right.

Does Gill mean that she is not completely sure if the date was right for opening?


“Sounds about right” can be used when the person is mostly sure of something, but could be wrong. Adding “about” could indicate a little bit of uncertainty over “sounds right”

Source : Link , Question Author : Dmytro O’Hope , Answer Author : Jagget

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