Meaning of the term “instaciate”/”instatiate” in computer programming

What does this word mean?

instaciate, otherwise instatiate

It’s not in any of my dictionaries, but there are a few too many occurrences of this word in programming communities and across the Internet for me to believe that these people all really mean “instantiate.”

Bonus: Argue for a correct spelling.


instantiate, verb
in·​stan·​ti·​ate | \in-ˈstan(t)-shē-ˌāt
instantiated; instantiating
transitive verb

: to represent (an abstraction) by a concrete instance
heroes instantiate ideals

After reading more than a handful of the Stack Overflow posts that you linked in your question, I can confidently say that they are all misspelling instantiate.

Source : Link , Question Author : SAH , Answer Author : Ian MacDonald

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