Meaning of “to go noodle with”

The context is the Seinfeld show, in a scene where Kramer proposes the idea of a brassiere for men, that is called a Bro:

JERRY: Boy, that brain never stops working, does it?

KRAMER: I tell you, I’m gonna go noodle with this.

I could not find any bit of information clarifying this phrase on the Internet.


Based on the context, I think it means, “I’m gonna go crazy with this!” Or, perhaps even better: “I’m gonna go bonkers with this!”

In this case, going crazy (or going bonkers, or going noodle) means to go wild; that is, to not do something in moderation. Kramer is essentially telling Jerry: “I’m telling you, this is going to be huge! This [idea] will catch on like crazy.”

NOAD mentions, under its entry for crazy:

like crazy to a great degree : I was laughing like crazy.

Source : Link , Question Author : Graduate , Answer Author : J.R.

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