“More clear” vs “Clearer”: when to use “more” instead of “-er”?

Which one of these adjectives is correct? I can see that both of them are being used, I’m just not sure which one is grammatically correct.

Are there any general rules to follow as to the use of one against the use of the other?


The basic rules of forming comparatives:

One-syllable words take “er”:

  • clear -> clearer
  • sweet -> sweeter

Multisyllable words take “more”:

  • incredible -> more incredible (not “incredibler”)
  • horrible -> more horrible (not “horribler”)

Two-syllable words ending in consonant + “y” take “ier”:

  • happy -> happier
  • pretty -> prettier

Both “more clear” and “clearer” are acceptable:

Your answer is more clear than mine.

Your answer is clearer than mine.

Frequency of use: clearer than is twice as common as more clear than, although both are common.

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