Name of unshaved armpits

When people say “pubic hair” most will understand that they mean the unshaved bikini zone (I’m, however, not sure whether this applies only to women). But what common expression is there for unshaved (women) armpits, if there is one at all?

I’m looking for a phrase or an idiom


  • Pubic hair is gender neutral. Men and women may trim/shave/wax that area for hygienic, styling, and/or visual appeal

  • Unshaved pits or Hairy armpits are likely referring to women’s “naturally hairy armpits” since most men leave them or at most trim them.

There is currently an Instagram fad where women are showing their underarm hair.
It is called Free your Pits

enter image description here

However excessive underarm hair may create comments regardless of gender.


Source : Link , Question Author : SovereignSun , Answer Author : mplungjan

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