Negative word for someone whose voice pitch varies too much? (opposite of monotone)

The closest word I can come up with is “dynamic”, but that has positive connotations. I’m looking for a word for someone whose voice is dynamic to the extreme–overly varied intonation.

The best I can come up with is pitchy, but that is more appropriate for singing.

There is also affected, but that’s overly broad–I think of a put on accent when I hear that as much as overly variable tone.


Maybe you are looking for singsong?

Merriam-Webster: “a way of speaking in which the sound of your voice rises and falls in a pattern”.

I would say it’s usually understood as an undesirable trait.

This video gives an (exaggerated) example.

Source : Link , Question Author : j.i.h. , Answer Author : Nate Eldredge

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