NORMINAL — normal or with nominal mistake?

At the very end of the live-stream for the nominal SpaceX STP-2 mission, the presenter places what appears to be a baseball cap onto the table. It reads “NORMINAL” (sic).

My first thought was how embarrassing, they mixed up the spelling of “normal” and “nominal”, but as English is clearly harder than rocket science, I’m turning to the appropriate authority on such matters.

Is “norminal” a normal word? If so, what does it mean?

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Lol, he’s here making fun of another video. In the video Intelsat 35e Launch Webcast the narrator at 11:37 min says

“Propulsion continues to be NORMINAL”

instead of “Propulsion continues to be normal“.

Please check that other video, he’s just making fun of the tongue slip.

   Propulsion continues to be norminal

Source : Link , Question Author : Adám , Answer Author : Mari-Lou A

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