Not a decade, but a term for a 9 year span

Thanks for the help in advance; first time posting here.

I’m curious what the most appropriate single word is to describe a 9 year time span, or a 9 year anniversary. A search on Google didn’t turn up much, but it did help me find this information in the Wiki page for “decade”: “…Other words for spans of years also come from Latin: biennium (2 years), triennium (3 years), quadrennium (4 years), lustrum (5 years)“.

Following this pattern, the most appropriate form of the word I could come up with is novemnium, seeing as novem is Latin for 9. Is this the correct structure/spelling, or are there better alternatives to this problem?


The noun form of user’s answer (novennial), and I believe you are looking for a noun, is novennium

(rare) A nine-year period or cycle.

From Wiktionary

Also see enneatic:

Occurring once in every nine times, days, years, etc.; every ninth.

From The Free Dictionary

And finally, enneaeteric

Containing or consisting of nine years: as, an enneaeteric period.

From Wordnik, in turn from The Century Dictionary

Source : Link , Question Author : Arkitekt , Answer Author : Lordology

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