Numerals: how to read and understand

Please, help me to puzzle it out:)
I’ve read the sentense in the text about school:
“There are about one 600 pupils”. The author writes how large the school is.
I understand the meaning of the phrase, but don’t know how to read and understand “one 600 pupils” – does it mean “one thousand and six hundred”?
Thank you!


This is not a standard way of expressing a number. You must say “one thousand six hundred” if you mean 1600. (it is possible to say sixteen hundred but this is rarer).

It is not possible to say “one six hundred” to mean 1600, or any other number. So the quoted text contains a mistake that makes it hard to understand. It could be a mistaken way of saying “one thousand six hundred”, or it could a speaking error (The speaker meant to say 600, but accidentally said “one”, then corrected himself)

Source : Link , Question Author : Nia , Answer Author : James K

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