Of course I don’t! – comma needed or not

All the time I see people replying with "of course I will" or "yes it is!" (to "it’s not that good" and not placing a comma after "of course" and "yes". The second case seems even more extreme, as even placing a comma would not help – it would still be a comma splice.

However, if I do place the commas, the sentences become very confusing, as many people would probably read that as "I will, of course" and "it is, yes".

Now, to me it seems that grammatically, there is no option but to leave the commas in place – though, again, this may cause confusion.

Any ideas?


It’s the old argument between how people actually talk or read text, and how it SHOULD be done. I agree the commas are necessary in academic writing, but leave it out in informal for better readability.

Source : Link , Question Author : Max , Answer Author : timthebomb

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