“Offence threat” vs. “offensive threat”

I was watching an NBA game. After Omer Asik missed an easy shot, the commentator said that Omer was not much of an offensive threat. I used to say offence threat often. Which usage is more established or more correct?


Offensive threat is the correct one.

It is used in this phrase as per the second meaning below (note the last example).

offensive (adjective)

  1. causing someone to feel resentful, upset, or annoyed:

    the allegations made are deeply offensive to us

    offensive language

    • (of a sight or smell) disgusting; repulsive: an offensive odour
  2. [attributive] actively aggressive; attacking:

    offensive operations against the insurgents

    • (of a weapon) meant for use in attack:

    he is also accused of possessing an offensive weapon

    • chiefly North American relating to the team in possession of the ball or puck in a game:

    Shell was an outstanding offensive tackle during his 15 years with
    the Raiders

Source : Link , Question Author : Terry Li , Answer Author : deadly

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