“Once each” or “once every” six months?

I’m formatting a bulleted list of benefits covered by a dental plan. I believe the text originally came from the insurance company’s official “schedule of benefits” document, which is written in legalese. A bunch of the benefits are limited to “once each” some number of months, as in:

  • Bitewing X-rays once each six months
  • Study models and casts used in planning treatment once each 60 months
  • Periodontal surgery once per quadrant each 36 months

That sounds quite strange to me. Is there a technical distinction between “once each n months” and “once every n months?” I think the need for legal precision — or a fear of legal imprecision — is the most plausible reason why someone might choose the unusual phrase “once each” over the more common “once every” or “once per,” but I am not a lawyer.


Use “every 6 months” because “every” is used to refer to how often something happens.

Source : Link , Question Author : user305116 , Answer Author : Group Chase

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