Opened vs open?

Is there are rule when to use opened vs open? I always get confused even though I’ve been speaking English as the dominant language for more than half my life.


  • Is the door open(ed)?
  • Which file do you have open(ed) in your editor?


The word open can be an adjective describing the door, or it could be a verb, which can be in the past, future, or present tense. Open in your first example is an adjective meaning “not closed or blocked up.” (There are other meanings to open as well.)

The same pertains to the second example. Someone has a file that is open, not closed.

If you did the action of opening the door (or file), then you opened it. If the door opened itself, you can say, “The door opened.” Or, you could run away. I’m pretty sure that’s the right move, based on what happens to people in films who stick around after a door opens itself.

Under open, Merriam-Webster uses the example to illustrate being in a position or adjustment to permit passage: not shut or locked.

Source : Link , Question Author : amphibient , Answer Author : anongoodnurse

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